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This performance is brought to you by ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA in association with East Boston Playhouse, USA

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Co-Founder/ CEO International of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA

Alina Liwo is the owner and head designer of ALITI FASHIONS, USA and Co-Founder/ CEO International of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA. She has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Applied Sciences and Arts and is also a singer/songwriter and has performed live numerously, and also has previous performance arts experience. Alina has acted in a variety of short plays, theatrical stage performances and musicals from grade school at the age of 5 years through to high-school and in university; such as the play Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

The Snow White & 7 Dwarves Musical is an original play script, written by Alina; inspired by the German Brothers Grimm fairytale "Snow White", written in 1812. The play consists of original musical numbers, with instrumentals provided by Music Producer Eissa // Leo.



Founder/ Owner of East Boston Playhouse

Candice has been performing in plays, musicals, and dance recitals since she was very young. She has a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Theater Arts, is a theater arts teacher, and is the founder of East Boston Playhouse, a non-profit community theater company in Boston, Massachusetts. 

She has acted in countless plays, directed musicals and scenes such as Grease, Annie, Peter Pan and Wendy, and since moving to the UAE, she has been able to help with drama at The American University of Sharjah; as well as off campus in the Sharjah community. 

Candice is absolutely delighted to have taken on this endeavor of co-directing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in a new county with such a talented and mixed cast. She will also be gracing the stage with her professional experience; playing the role of Snow White's birth mother, The Queen and a Lady of the Court.


EISSA // LEO (@EissaLeo)

Music Producer | Singer | Songwriter | Actor

Eissa // Leo is a Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter and an Actor. His love for the arts started at a young age. He was born in the UAE, and was raised in both the UAE and the USA. Growing up, he took part in elementary, middle, and high school productions where his passion for the arts thrived. 

Eissa has ABRSM Classical Singing and Theory certification, started composing music in 2009, and furthered his interest as a singer-songwriter in 2010. Now, he works as a freelance Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, and has contributed to the Snow White Production by composing the music for the musical numbers. Eissa will also be performing in the production and will be playing the role of The King, The Huntsman, and The Narrator. 




Though this is her first major performance, Helen has done drama in school and has participated in several shows including Grease the Musical and Alice in Wonderland. 

She is always eager to learn something new and takes every opportunity, which is why she's so excited about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In the production, Helen will be playing the role of Snow White. 



Vea plays the Evil Queen in the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

She loves to act and sing and has previously participated in three productions at The American University of Sharjah: Little Shop of Horrors, Hiraeth and Flashbacks.


Actress | Dancer

Molly goes to Sharjah English School and is in Year 7. She has enjoyed singing and dancing for a long time. She has completed ballet grades pre-primary through to Grade 4 and now she is studying for Grade 5. 

Her stage credits include Genie in her year 6 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits, Gazer the Donkey in her year 2 production, and Wicked Stepmother in her year 5 production of Cinderella. She’s also performed in several ballet and singing performances. Her hobbies include skateboarding, singing and golf. In the production, Molly will be playing the role of Little Snow White and a Thistle Seed.



Ahmed has always had a fascination with watching actors perform and bringing joy to their audience. It was his love for movies that sparked the actor within. 

Ahmed is currently a student at The American University of Sharjah; majoring in finance and minoring in theater. Ahmed has partaken in multiple plays such as, Bugsy Malone, Metamorphosis, Blood Wedding, and 1001 Arabian Nights. 

Ahmed hopes to one day achieve his dream of becoming an actor and bringing smiles to everyone. In the production, Ahmed will be playing the role of the Prince and the Proclaimer.



Stephanie grew up with a flair for drama. A vivid imagination, coupled with three equally crazy and imaginative siblings, often created the perfect setting for some very unique performances in her home.  

Stephanie was in several class performances during her early elementary school years but became more active with her Thespian Troupe during her high school years. Although it has been many years since she was last in a performance, she is excited to be acting again.  

In the production, Stephanie will be playing the role of Annabella, the scullery maid.



Before she could talk, Evelyn communicated in melodious babbling that turned into constant bursts of song. Her love of singing and drama has been her childhood playground. This helped her from her stage debut at three as a Christmas angel, (also performing in Russian) through to playing the Innkeeper, to performing choir solos, and now in the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

Her favorite part: she is doing this with wonderful friends. In the production, Evelyn will be playing the part of The Magic Mirror.



Sarah is a gifted singer with previous experience acting and singing solos in her church choir. 

In the production, Sarah will be playing the role of a Dwarf



William Heintz has been in several school performances, including The Lion King and Snow White and the Seven Camel Herders. 

During the summer, he attended the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Camp Shakespeare Extreme and acted in scenes from Shakespeare's best-known plays. He also takes piano lessons.

In the production, William will be playing the role of the Little Prince and a Dwarf.



Kaia enjoys acting, having done many school plays. She has been dancing for five years gaining grade three in ballet with R.A.D., and has passed grade three in piano. 

Kaia is looking forward to trying her acting skills in this classic musical as well as being part of a real production. In the production, Kaia will be playing the role of a Dwarf.



Margot has been acting in school performances since Year 1. She previously performed in another Snow White play and played the role of a dwarf named Disapproving. 

In Year 3, she was a narrator in the Jungle Book named Apurva.

In the production, Margot will be playing the role of a Dwarf.



Farah has taken part in a few plays for school – usually as an extra – and once sang a song for National Day with her band, MYN. This will be Farrah's first performance in which she is not an extra, and has an important role. 

Farah has a passion for acting, dancing, singing AND writing. She is also writing a book, which is still in progress.

In the production, Farrah will be playing the role of a Dwarf.



Abigail is a real drama queen, on and off the stage. She has taken some dance lessons and has been in a couple of school performances. Her favorite past role was "Veruca Salt" in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and her favorite past musical was Grease.

In the production, Abigail will be playing the role of a Dwarf. 



"I am an 8 eight year old fun loving boy. I have lived in Sharjah for 5 years and have had the opportunity to be the Big Bear in my Foundation 1 production. In Year 2, I am very keen and enthusiastic about taking this new role as a Forgetful dwarf."

In the production, Sacha will be playing the role of a Dwarf.



Lindsey has previous singing and acting experience, performing in theatrical productions and musicals; such as The Sound of Music, in which she played the role of Grettle. Other theatrical performances Lindsey has acted in include Cinderella: If the Shoe Fits, The Wizard of Oz and other smaller productions. 

In this production, Lindsey will be playing the role of a Lady of the Court and an old woman.



From her stage debut in an Away in the Manger trio at age three, Debbie became her family DQ, Drama Queen. Her dramatic dialoguing morphed into community play auditions from age six onward (with actual roles in Annie Get Your Gun and Stop the World! I Want to Get Off) and proceeded to producing and directing her fourth grade class play, to junior high and high school drama classes and productions, to college plays and oral interpretation, and eventually to a career in the classroom where dramatic math presentations and awesome read aloud skills became her forte. 

Debbie is excited to get an opportunity to put her DQ abilities to good use once again with such an incredible group of thespians.

In this production, Debbie will be playing the role of a Lady of The Court and an old woman.



Acacia is only four years old, but has been singing, making up songs, and dancing around the house since the age of two. She has been taking ballet classes for almost two years, and is thrilled to be making her debut performance on stage…especially in a play with her mommy!

In the production, Acacia will be playing the role of a Thistle Seed.



Ruth is an actress and a singer, and has performed solos as part of her church's choir. 

In the production, Ruth will be playing the role of a Thistle Seed.



Mia started dancing when she was two years old and took to the stage in the finale of the Dance Oasis Let's Dance concert. She is currently preparing for Grade 3 ballet. She loves singing and acting and has been in lots of school plays. 

Mia is 9 years old and she likes swimming, netball, running and football. In the production, Mia will be playing the role of a Thistle Seed.



Linda Grace loves to sing and dance, especially ballet and hip hop. At any moment, she can be found listening to music and making up new dance routines.  

Linda Grace is very excited to be among the Thistle Seed Dancers in this production. This will be her first play.


Technical Crew

Matthew will be assisting the tech crew for the production with his technical experience to help ensure the smooth success of the production. 

Matthew has previous audio/visual technical experience.

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