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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What type of talent can register with ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (ALITI P&T)?

A. ALITI P&T works with models, singers, dancers, actors and performers.

Q. Is there an age limit to join ALITI P&T?

A. No, our agency works with Child Talent, who are 0-years to Senior Adult Talent. There are casting opportunities for everyone.

Q. Where is ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (ALITI P&T) located?

A. The ALITI P&T Head Quarters was established in the USA in 2013, and its branch was opened in the United Arab Emirates in 2017 at the Creative City - Media Free Zone; however, the agency provides services to Talent nationwide and to Talent all over the UAE and internationally out of the city of Dubai.

Q. Do I need to live in the USA or in Dubai, UAE to register with ALITI P&T?

A. No. Through our agency’s worldwide connections, ALITI P&T is able to provide its services to Talent from all over the world who live all over the world.

Q. I am not located in the USA or UAE. How will your agency provide me with your services?

A. In today's digital age, ALITI P&T has no problem penetrating foreign markets on behalf of our Talent to provide them with opportunities; along with the other international castings we provide.

Q. Can I register with ALITI P&T if I am not a singer, dancer, model, actress or a performer?

A. Yes, feel free to share your information and portfolio with us. At ALITI P&T, we have also provided our services to athletes, Freelancers, film directors, HMUAs, and more.

Q. Is ALITI Productions & Talent Agency a registered Talent Agency?

A. Yes, the ALITI Productions & Talent Agency USA branch is registered in the state of Illinois and its UAE branch in the Creative City - Media Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates.

Q. Is there a fee to join ALITI P&T?

A. No, there is no fee to join the agency. Talent are added to our Online Talent Database for free, and their photo is shared on our social media pages; providing them with more visibility for booking requests from our clients. However, in order for ALITI P&T to actively seek out opportunities from our Talent, we do charge a $35USD fee for the creation of ALITI P&T COMP Card(s) and for the creation of a Professional ALITI P&T Resume/ CV.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my ALITI P&T COMP Card(s) and Professional Resume/ CV once I've made the $35USD payment?

A. Once you have made your payment and provided our ALITI P&T representatives with the necessary information required, you will receive your ALITI P&T COMP Card(s) and Professional Resume/ CV in 3-5 business days.

Q. Do you provide your Talent with castings?

A. Yes, our agency provides our USA and UAE/ International Talent with personalized casting updates for a monthly fee of $35USD per month. Our agency is different from other agencies, as our Talent keep 100% of their earnings. 

To subscribe for our Monthly Personalized Castings, visit:

Q. Why doesn’t ALITI P&T take a percentage commission on castings?

A. Our agency receives a surplus amount of talent requests from casting agencies, its corporate and network partners, media marketing companies and business associates who have casting requirements; however, our agency focuses on the development of Talent via our in-person classes, online classes, provided workshops, monthly activities, productions, events, Career Development Services, PR/ Marketing Services, and the creation and provision of content. Our agency sees the casting requests we receive as an opportunity to provide our Talent with a way to further diversify their portfolios; while earning an income from their talent.

Q. Once I am in the Online Talent Database, does that mean I am a part of ALITI P&T?

A. Yes, once your photo has been uploaded onto our Online Talent Database, you are considered a part of ALITI P&T. Your Portfolio, Resume/CV and information will also be stored in your file in our Talent Database.

Q. Do I need to sign a contract to join ALITI P&T?

A. No, once you have been added to our Online Talent Database, you are officially a part of ALITI P&T. Only when you have been selected by a client, will you be contacted to do a casting. Contracts will then be provided per confirmed Booking.


Q. What is Talent Development?

A. Talent Development is the perfection of one’s talent through professional coaching and grooming.

Q. What do you mean by “US Industry Standards”?

A. When we say “US Industry Standards”, we mean according to the expectations of the United States Performance and Entertainment Industry.

Q. Who conducts the ALITI P&T Talent Development Sessions?

A. The ALITI P&T Talent Development Sessions are conducted by both Miss. Alina Liwo and Miss. Izabel Liwo who have over 10+ years of professional experience.

Q. How much is the registration for the ALITI P&T Talent Development Sessions?

A. Kindly visit the following links to see the prices of our classes.

In-Person Classes:

Online Classes:

Q. Can I pay for the classes on the day?

A. No, registration and payments for all of our ALITI P&T Talent Development Classes must be received in advance in order to ensure advance preparations for the sessions.

Q. How long will I need to keep taking the Talent Development Sessions for?

A. Our ALITI P&T Classes are categorized into the following levels:

1. Beginners

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

Each month’s classes are carefully prepared to ensure that the registered Talent learn the fundamentals in the field and progress accordingly. Once a Talent has received the advanced stage, the Talent Development Classes will focus on the diversification of their portfolios and they can then decide to move on to receive our agency’s Career Development Services.

Q. Will I receive a certificate once I complete the ALITI P&T Talent Development Classes?

A. Yes. Every Talent will receive a “Certificate of Completion” once they have completed each month/ level of our Talent Development Classes (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced).


Q. Do ALITI P&T Talent attend agency events for free?

A. No, however, ALITI P&T Talent attend agency events at a discounted rate in comparison to the general public; unless the agency event is free to the general public – in which case, Talent will also attend for free.


Q. Who can participate in the ALITI P&T UAE-USA Talent Exchange Program?

A. This event is catered to our ALITI P&T Talent.

Q. Can I become an ALITI P&T Talent to be able to participate in the ALITI P&T UAE-USA Talent Exchange Program?

A. Yes

Q. Are there any requirements to be able to participate in the ALITI P&T UAE-USA Talent Exchange Program?

A. Yes. All Talent must receive a minimum of 1month PROGRAM Talent Development Classes in the talent they wish to showcase during the program.

Q. What are Program Talent Development Sessions?

A. Program Talent Development Classes are one month (4 sessions) of coaching and grooming in the selected talent you wish to showcase during your participation in the program, and the refinement of your performance.

If you have any more questions about ALITI P&T contact INFO@ALITIPT.COM

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