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Nikita Echols


ALITI "Fashion" and "Model" Fun Groups

Also our ALITI P&T Chicago Director of Operations, Nikita is excited to share her experience in the Performing Arts and years of professional experience in the entertainment industry with the youth of Chicago by instructing the ALITI “Fashion” and “Model” Fun Groups. 

Nikita got her start as a young child doing pageants, ballet, and later participated in the pageantry world all the way from Miss Pre-Teen to Miss Illinois USA. She also has 15 years of experience playing the clarinet. Nikita has a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing from The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, where she found a passion for fashion and the Entertainment Industry, and has since worked alongside talent agencies and has privately managed SAG Actors, Musicians and Models. 

Nikita has an eye and knowledge for what the Industry is looking for. 

Velvet Gunn


ALITI "Drama" Fun Groups

Chicago Native, Velvet Gunn is a Multi-Faceted Creative Artist & Professional. With over 10 years of Leadership, Education and Theater Programming & Production experience, Velvet has collaborated with organization like After School Matters, Columbia College, Chicago Public School and a number of Community-Based organizations in the Chicago and West-Tennessee area. 

Velvet's love for Fine Arts started at a young age and has since then used her gifts in music and theater to bring peace of mind and artistic outlet to the communities around her. Velvet has been a featured Actress in projects with The Discovery Channel, 3rd Dimension Performance Group, Theater 47, InStyle Events, Spike Lee's "Chi-Raq" and more! 

Velvet believes art is a tool to heal and build the world as we wish.

All ALITI Fun Groups have performances/ presentations/ showcases/ exhibitions every end of the month.

All ALITI Fun Groups take place in Chicago, UAE 

  • Location: Pendulum Space

1803 W. Byron Street, Suite 216, Chicago, IL 60613

(Close to the Irving Park Brown Line, with free parking, evenings and weekends!)


Miss. Nikita: (424) 248-9671

Miss. Izabel: (618) 816-6789


$140USD Monthly Registration Fee per ALITI Fun Group

4 sessions per month ($35USD each)

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