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ALITI P&T: ALITI CARES Struggling Talent Fund


Welcome to the philanthropic sector of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA).

We are proud to state that our agency currently represents over 350+ Talent across the globe in the performance and entertainment industry.

As a company that has been focused on the development of Talent since 2013, we are not oblivious to the financial struggles that a lot of our Talent face in an effort to pursuing their dreams. It is for this reason that our ALITI CARES philanthropic sector would like to establish a platform to provide financial sponsorships in the amount of $500USD per month to struggling Talent worldwide who are in need of the extra financial stability to help them pursue their dreams.

Talent are at liberty to use the financial sponsorship received for the following:

1.Talent Development/ Portfolio Building Projects to enhance their career

2.Personal Financial Burdens so they can dedicate their time to progressing their career

Our agency has grouped those Talents with financial needs into a database and 1 sponsorship winner will be selected at random on a monthly basis. This winner will be announced and will be obligated to inform the agency on how their sponsorship funds were used.

ALITI P&T: ALITI CARES Struggling ​Talent Families Fund


Behind every Child Talent is a loving and supportive family that believes in their dreams.

ALITI CARES is working to further assists the families of Talent who are struggling financially on a larger scale.

With the families we are assisting, there are cases of single-parent layoffs, and their children have since been removed from school in an attempt to reduce overhead costs. These families are currently living in shared studio accommodations with other families and should circumstances persist, are considering sending their children away to live with distant relatives to keep from being homeless.

The current monthly expenses of these families are as follows:

• Accommodation: $680USD

• Utilities: $140USD

• Meals: $190USD

• Transportation: $330USD

• Home Schooling Education: $140USD

• Home Schooling Extra Curricular Activities: $220USD

TOTAL: $1,700USD per Family

Our goal is to assist these families for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months. 

For more information on our other ALITI CARES Charity Efforts, visit

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